Custic and Morgan

Couples always ask me, "Where should we do our engagement session?" My standard answer is, "Pick somewhere that means something to you. Somewhere that you have a connection to. However, make sure to keep the focus on YOU rather than the location." So, when Custic and Morgan asked if it would be ok to do their engagement session at Morgan's family's rock quarry and surrounding property I was all for it! I probably never would have suggested a gravel pit as the location for a couple's engagement session, BUT... it was kind of amazing. Plus, the views of the Cascade Mountains from a bluff were incredible!

The most important parts of creating beautiful images are the chemistry between the subjects and the lighting. A beautiful location absolutely helps, but to make a memorable, emotional image that is more than a postcard is comprised of the couple and capturing a snippet of their relationship.

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First NOT Look

Courtney really wanted to do a first look. Danny really did NOT want to do a first look. So, Courtney arranged a secret meeting where she could sneak up on Danny, steal a kiss and share a few minutes without him seeing her before that special ‘walking down the aisle’ moment.

I’ve got to say... it was so sweet and these two are just adorable! There truly is no ‘right’ way to plan your day. Make it what you want!



Ps... sorry I missed last Wednesday, but... I was on a beach in Mexico, so I’m really not that sorry. 

Danny and Courtney

Next week we are going to have our toes in the sand and will be enjoying the warm sunshine on our (incredibly pale) skin in MEXICO. I am so excited! We are going to celebrate the love of one of my oldest friends and the guy who is lucky enough to go through life with her. Courtney and I have known each other since we were awkward pre teens on rival school sports teams. We went on to become volleyball teammates in high school and college, co-coaches for two years after college, and she was even the one who introduced me to Jason! Courtney is one of those people who you always know your are going to have a good time with... I mean she has a yellow Xterra with a custom horn that plays La Cucaracha... It's easy to say that Danny will never be bored :) I really am so happy for both of them and cannot wait to be there to document and be a part of their wedding week! Love you so much, Court!

Oh... and about this engagement session. Ya know what, sometimes things just don't go as planned. As I was driving to the location we had agreed upon I got a call from Courtney saying that it was closed! I immediately began sweating and racking my brain for another area we could meet... timing is so important when doing a portrait session, so having to go for plan B could have been meant we would miss that beautiful golden light! Thankfully we were able to sweet talk the ranger into allowing us into a small section of the park for a short amount of time and seriously... I think it worked out perfectly. Sometimes those road blocks lead to something better than you can plan for and as a photographer I have learned that you just have to roll with the punches, keep it positive, and make it work! These are just some of my favorites from Danny and Courtney's beautiful engagement session... plus, how adorable is their dog?!