That Black and White...

It gets me every time. I just... I think there is something so special, so timeless, so romantic about black and white photos. It's like it strips away all the fuss and just leaves you the light, shape, and form. The images didn't need to be in color to share (however the color ones are super gorgeous and I am sure I will share those sometime soon). 

I had so much fun on this shoot getting to experiment with the light streaming through the windows and really trying to focus on creating an intriguing portrait and slowing down!

The Grand Exit

The grand exit, it's what lots of couples think their wedding needs to end with. That movie wedding ending where their guests send them off by throwing rice as they run passed or a long line of arching sparklers... but what if your venue doesn't allow rice or have a brunch wedding or it's the middle of the summer and the sun doesn't go down until 10pm? There are so many other options! I've had couples do bubbles, confetti popper, flower petals, birdseed, or glow sticks! OR you could get really creative like Jenny and David did for their brunch wedding. They had their guests toss paper airplanes! It was so much fun and something really unique and different. So before you automatically go with what you see all over Pinterest, stop and think about if there is something more specific to you guys. You might come up with something super cute that will be the next Pinterest rage :)

Have any great ideas for grand exits? Share them in the comments!


A surprise proposal

When Eric and I started talking about how he was planning to ask Kaytlin to marry him I threw out the option of us setting up a photo shoot where he could surprise her while I was shooting. The hardest part was not getting Kaytlin to agree to a random shoot or convince her that she had to get Eric to agree to the shoot. The hardest part of figuring out how to hide a ring box during a couple's shoot where they are constantly hugging/touching each other! Also... we were OF COURSE running late and the sun was setting very quickly. We almost changed locations at the last minute because of time constraints, but I am so glad we stuck to the plan... and it worked out perfectly.

Eric hid the ring box in his jacket pocket, which he conveniently left with me the first part of the shoot. I then suggested they put their jackets on because it was getting cold. They walked out to the spot I had chosen and I directed them to turn away from each other. This is what Eric and I had decided would be the signal for him to get the ring out. As I told them to turn back towards each other he dropped to one knee with the ring in hand (My heart is literally racing just typing this cause it was so exciting). Kaytlin lost it... she was so surprised she swatted Eric on the arm, yelled at me for being so sneaky, and then with a huge smile accepted the proposal. It was awesome and something I don't think I will ever forget.

Oh and they ended the shoot with finger guns... I mean, seriously these two are awesome :)

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an incredible moment. You two are awesome and I am so happy to call you friends!