2013… what an incredible year. I think it was professionally my favorite year ever. I want to take a second to sincerely thank ALL of my amazing clients for being so open, so willing to follow my lead, so fun, and for showing their love and personalities to me, and allowing me to document it all. You let me into some of the most intimate, once in a lifetime moments of your lives and trusted me to do them justice. I will forever be thankful for your trust and support.

This past year has been one of the busiest I have had. As you know my husband and I made a huge move from Southern California to Bend, Oregon in 2012, which split my business between the two, which lead to a lot of exhausting travel, but it was SO worth it. I had some of the best, most beautiful, most exciting weddings/engagements/portrait sessions ever. I also got to jump into the maternity world as three of my sister-in-laws had babies this past year. I cannot express how special it was to get to capture such a precious time in their lives and showcase how beautiful they were and are. This of course led to the SUPER cute photos of one of my nephews when he turned six-months. How could you possibly look at that face and not smile right back at him. To finish the year I was able to photograph “my little sister from another mother’s” wedding and can I just make it known… She is INSANELY stunning and if somehow you disagree, you’re crazy.

I had so much fun looking back through these images and had a super hard time picking my favorites, so bare with me as this is the absolute longest blog post EVER. I cannot wait to meet all of my 2014 clients and capture their beautiful smiles and love!