Sun Kissed Bend, Oregon Engagement Portait Session

- Custic and Morgan -

Couples always ask me, "Where should we do our engagement session?" My standard answer is, "Pick somewhere that means something to you. Somewhere that you have a connection to. However, make sure to keep the focus on YOU rather than the location." So, when Custic and Morgan asked if it would be ok to do their engagement session at Morgan's family's rock quarry and surrounding property I was all for it! I probably never would have suggested a gravel pit as the location for a couple's engagement session, BUT... it was kind of amazing. Plus, the views of the Cascade Mountains from a bluff were incredible!

The most important parts of creating beautiful images are the chemistry between the subjects and the lighting. A beautiful location absolutely helps, but to make a memorable, emotional image that is more than a postcard is comprised of the couple and capturing a snippet of their relationship.

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