Brookings, Oregon Backyard Wedding

- RT and Mandy -

It was my busiest/craziest weekend of the year. There is always that one. Every wedding season somehow the wedding/portrait world come together to create the ultimate weekend. This year it came in the form of driving to Brookings, Oregon for an engagement session and wedding and then flying out the next morning to Bozeman, Montana for a second wedding. A few other things in between too, but the other thing about these weekends it that it usually ends up to be some of my favorite work from the whole year... and this year has not let me down.

As I was nearing Brookings it was sunny and warm... and then the Oregon Coast did it's thing and boom, I was in the fog. It was literally only like 1 mile of fog, but in the exact location that I was to be meeting RT and Mandy for their engagement session. It wasn't what I planned on or expected (I should have known better), but as you can see it turned out pretty awesome. I love the rich colors and soft background... and of course the super cute couple :)

Just wait until you see their wedding!! It will not disappoint. Promise. 

Shevlin Park Bend Oregon Engagement

- Travis and Lauren -

Travis and Lauren came over to Bend from the Portland area for their engagement session and while looking at them you might think it was nice and warm out... I will tell you, it was not! I was really happy to be behind the camera with my jacket on and so happy that Lauren was so amazing even though I am sure she was freezing! We started out at Shevlin Park, one of my favorites here in town. The bare aspen trees make a beautiful background! We then ventured into downtown for some more urban photos, finishing up on top of a parking structure at sunset. Loved it.

Forest Falls California Engagement

- Eric and Elise -

I remember going to Forest Falls as a child, running along the rocks, and having contests to see who could stand in the cold mountain streams the longest, but it had been YEARS since I had been back so when Garrett and Samyra suggest it I was thrilled. It's amazing how quickly you can get out of the hustle and bustle in Southern California and find these beautiful mountain areas. I with these two the best in life and hope to see them sometime in the future... hopefully in Bend!