Smith Rocks

It may have taken me over a year and a half to finally see the beauty of Smith Rocks up close and personal, but it finally happened. Jason and I decided to go check out Smith and ended up deciding to hike the Misery Ridge trail, which after we crisscrossed our way up the cliffs with groups of rock climbers all around, we made it to the top. I was stunned by the beautiful view of both the red rock cliffs surrounding us as well as the gorgeous green pastures below us, oh and the river wrapping around the rocks just topped it all off. As we continued around the trail we came across Monkey Face, an incredible, free standing rock formation that draws rock climbing enthusiasts from across the globe. There is a cliff the juts out close to Monkey Face, which allowed Jason and myself to sit and watch as rock climbers defied their fears, or maybe just my fears, and scaled the cliff. It was a great day and while I do not see myself ever attempting to reach the top of Monkey Face, or probably anything out there, I am very excited to go out and watch some more people conquer the infamous Smith Rocks. Central Oregon is pretty awesome.