Abernethy Center, Oregon City Wedding

- Cory and Brittany -

Cory and Brittany were married in Oregon City, Oregon at Abernethy Center. Their completely Portland themed wedding was filled with thoughtful touches such as the red rose bouquets chosen because Portland is nicknamed Rose City. The couple put together one of the coolest wedding programs I have ever seen sharing all of the significant details they included in their wedding and why. I love when couples really infuse their personal connection to things into their wedding day!

Forest Park, Portland Oregon Engagement

- Brandon and Jordan -

Alright, Portland may be known for being rainy, but when it isn't raining it is incredible. Such a drastic climate change from Bend that it constantly amazes me with how lush and green. In the Spring when it is still dry and brown in Central Oregon, Portland is full of beautiful flowering bushes all over the place! So when Brandon and Jordan told me they wanted to do their engagement session in Forest Park and the Northwest District I was all for it.

These two are super sweet, adorable together, and as Jordan put it, "our dog matches us!" They were willing to trample through the plants, stand on hillsides, sit in parking lots in the rain (ok, so it DID rain during our shoot, but just a little bit), and it was awesome! I can't wait for their wedding later this year :)

Daniel and Courtney

It has been quite the summer... and has been quite a while since I have posted anything! So, here is the start of many things to come. This fun-loving, sweet, eclectic couple should brighten your day with their genuine smiles and adorable love that you can almost feel straight through the screen.

I met Daniel and Courtney in downtown Portland, Oregon to wander around the Weekend Market, walk across the amazing Steel Bridge and down to the docks across the river from downtown... all while capturing these crazy kids being in love... and it was awesome.

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