Mt. Bachelor, Bend Oregon Engagement

- Casey and Erin -

I am always so excited when I get to be a part of people's love story... but I am especially happy when it is for someone I have a personal connection with. Erin and I were roommates in college for two years and I couldn't have asked for a better roomie back then and I couldn't be more happy for her that she found such a great guy to share her life with. Casey and Erin were able to come visit this past winter and we took them on a little adventure into the mountains to a frozen lake (or semi frozen... it's been a really dry winter!) for their engagement session. It may have been cold, but they are from Montana, so they at least pretended to be alright and it was SO worth the discomfort. Those mountains, streams, snow, and beautiful love make for one of my favorite engagement sessions to date!

Surprise! You're Engaged!

What could make this super adorable, couple shoot better... oh yeah, a very sneaky surprise proposal, that's what! I was fortunate enough to get to play a sneaky role in this awesome plan and honestly it was better than I could have expected. I think I was nearly as nervous as Eric as I positioned them back to back so Eric could get down on one knee before Kaytlin realized what was happening, and I was definitely shaking with excitement afterward.

These two compliment each other so well with Kaytlin's energetic, bubbly personality and Eric's laid back disposition. I really can't think of a better match. So... check out their whole surprise engagement, send them some love, and maybe a few tips for the newly engaged!