Packing House Wedding at The Mighty Tieton in Yakima Washington

- David and Jenny -

I have been working on my 2016 year-end review blog and honestly I started freaking out... there were too many photos I wanted to share because I have been a major slacker on blogging this year (even worse than most). SO... while I will be putting out a year-end review blog, I will also be trying to make short blog posts about weddings and portrait sessions so I can share more of the photos I have loved this year without completely overwhelming you in one gigantic post.

So, to start us off here are a few of my favorites from David and Jenny's beautiful winter wedding at Mighty Tieton in Tieton, Washington. The Mighty Tieton used to be a big warehouse and is now more of an artist collective space that has multiple uses... and it is pretty awesome. Everything about this wedding was fantastic from the getting ready at Jenny's parent's home which is surrounded by orchards to the adorable little town of Tieton and it's old brick buildings that I love... the ceremony in a dimly lit, open warehouse, the warm company of David and Jenny's friends and family, the waffles, the ice cream cones for dessert, and the grand finale of their send off which included paper airplanes. It was perfection and I am so happy I was lucky enough to be a part of it!

Backyard Pasco, Washington Wedding

- Kris and Shauna -

I will say it over and over if I have to... I love backyard weddings! Kris and Shauna decided to have their ceremony at their local church and the reception in the backyard of some family friends. The backyard was perfect, with large trees, open grassy area for all the tables, and completed with a big treehouse! I loved the relaxed, vintage style they went for. It made everyone feel so comfortable and just time to come together and and celebrate... with lots of desserts :)

Gorge Crest Vineyards, Underwood Washington Wedding

- Erich and Sam -

Erich and Sam... where to begin. They are such a sweet and adorable couple. As soon as they decided to have me photograph their wedding at Gorge Crest Vineyards I have to say I was looking forward to it ALL summer. As the wedding drew closer I kept checking the weather because Gorge Crest has absolutely stunning views of Mount Hood since it is just across the Columbia River from the mountain. If you look up Gorge Crest you will know exactly what I am talking about. So as I kept checking the weather it started out as sunny, then sunny with chance of clouds, then mostly cloudy, then just straight up rain, and I was honestly a little disappointed. This outdoor wedding I had been looking forward to all summer was suddenly going to be completely different.

As I arrived that day it was cloudy, but not raining, they still had the ceremony chairs set up outside and so my hopes rose a little bit. But as the day progressed and we were ready to do the first look it started sprinkling and just continued the rest of the day! No, rain is not exactly a photographer's friend, but Erich and Sam's attitude was so relaxed the whole day that it made everything easier. They were willing to go outside in the rain, I was able to find a couple small covered areas for group photos, and then they were even willing to grab an umbrella and venture outside for their couple photos!

 On a day that could have been shrouded in disappointment over the unexpected weather this couple saw passed it to what was really important, that they were getting to vow their love to each other and share that with family and friends... and then party afterward! Their attitude and trust in me to do my job and do it well made the entire day go so much smoother and I cannot thank them enough. It was a fantastic day and I love how the images turned out!