Walla Walla, Washington Artist Portrait Session

- Lindsay King -

Somedays it is difficult to be creative. Somedays it is difficult to tell yourself you are good at what you do. Somedays it is difficult not to compare yourself to others and use them as a measuring stick for success. Somedays are just difficult. However, what I have learned is that it is okay. It's okay to have down days and take some time to reflect, but to also strive to embrace who you are and what unique talents you bring to the table.

One huge thing I have found to help in those creative lulls is community. It truly is amazing how community can inspire, lift up, and push you to be better. I have learned so much from other creatives, not only photographers, but painters, designers, florists, bloggers, etc. There are so many traits that creatives share even though their talents might be in different areas... and those areas where our talents differ are sometimes that most inspiring because the thought process is so different. I love it.

This shoot is from like two years ago, but I recently came across it and wanted to share it! I loved getting a little peek into how Lindsay works. Her paintings are so gorgeous and seeing her 'tiny studio' inspired me... as well as made me wish I had my own 'tiny studio'! The light, bright, and airy studio is reflected in her work as well as the collages of inspiration clippings that decorate the walls. As I stood admiring her studio one thing in particular caught my eye, Lindsay's personal goals and a written reminder to "Support other artists and yourself." That little quote seems so small, but it is so important. Supporting others and yourself benefits everyone. It reminds me of when I was in college and one of my design professors always emphasized, "Ideals don't exist in vacuums." You NEED others to guide, support, help, and push you to your potential. So go out, find a community, seek out those who will support you, and give them support in return!

Okay, I think that's enough of my ramblings for this post. I hope you enjoy the photos... and tell me your thoughts on community in the comments! And go check out Lindsay on Instagram to see some of her stunning work!