Kyler and Erin | Bend, Oregon

How can I even explain how perfect this wedding day was? It was a perfect combination of pretty, casual, and amazing DIY projects. As I drove up to venue for the day, Erin's parent's beautiful home, I was greeted by this huge, fantastic diy wooden heart to set the mood for the entire day. I remember walking in to meet Erin and the bridesmaid getting ready and asking where her wedding dress was so I could get some photos of it, to which she responded, "Well, I haven't really decided which one I am going to wear yet." At first, I was shocked that she somehow didn't know what she was going to be putting on for her wedding just a few hours away! But, then I realized how amazing Erin is... she was calm and relaxed and just taking things as they came. She then grabbed one of the dresses and said, "I think I will wear this one." She picked out a simple, strapless, short wedding dress and I have to say she looked incredible. The entire day just got better and better continuing with two giant dogs wearing floral collars, wooden benches, tables, bar, and even an outdoor dance floor made by Erin's father. I loved everything about this wedding, these families, this couple. Erin and Kyler, I wish you the best in whatever life brings you. I sincerely hope our paths cross again sometime soon!

Oh, and even before this fantastic wedding day. I got to spend a rare sunny afternoon with these two in Olympia, Washington for their engagement session. Honestly, one of my favorites... so if you haven't seen it, you should take a minute to go take a look now!