Backyard Sacramento, California Wedding

- Eric and Elise -

I am sure I have said it before, but I LOVE backyard weddings. They always feel so intimate and meaningful and have an energy that you can't get somewhere else. I mean, I might be a little bias since my husband and I had part of our wedding in my parent's backyard... but still, they are just amazing. Now, Eric and Elise did a little bit of both, having their wedding ceremony at a local church, which was super gorgeous and then having the reception in her parent's beautiful backyard. Their backyard was transformed into a romantic wonderland with strings of lights, incredible blush colored table linens and some of the prettiest floral arrangements I have seen, and topped of by being under the canopy of one of Northern California's oak trees (my favorites). I just couldn't have thought of a way to spend my day than to be there with their friends and family celebrating their new life together.

Backyard Pasco, Washington Wedding

- Kris and Shauna -

I will say it over and over if I have to... I love backyard weddings! Kris and Shauna decided to have their ceremony at their local church and the reception in the backyard of some family friends. The backyard was perfect, with large trees, open grassy area for all the tables, and completed with a big treehouse! I loved the relaxed, vintage style they went for. It made everyone feel so comfortable and just time to come together and and celebrate... with lots of desserts :)