Ben and Alexandra's Rehearsal Dinner | Bend, Oregon

It is always a little nerve racking when meeting a potential client. There are a lot of questions for both parties and so many factors in making decisions, but I remember the first meeting I had with Alexandra to discuss the possibility of me being there to document her wedding day. She was visiting from California and as soon as we shook hands and said hello I knew she was going to be great. Alexandra was dressed casually, but I could tell just by the way she said hello that she was confident and knew what she was looking for.

The meeting continued with her telling me what she envisioned for her and her fiance's day. Because the wedding was a destination wedding and most everyone involved was going to be in town for the entire weekend they wanted to make sure all of their family and friends enjoyed themselves. Their wedding day was going to be about having fun with everyone and not worrying about the little things. Alexandra stressed that she wanted the posed, traditional photos, but that candid moments were the really important things for them... which is one of my favorite things a bride can say to me.

By the end of the meeting we had come to the decision that I would be there for not only the wedding day, but also a rehearsal dinner they would be hosting for all their guests who would be in town the day before the wedding. Let's just say... you are going to be inspired by her style, especially if you are engaged and planning your wedding weekend right now. Ben and Alexandra are going to show you how much fun a rehearsal dinner can me!