2 0 1 5 in R E V I E W

Every year there is a little bit of dread when putting this year-end review post together. It is overwhelming. The amount of images to go though, choosing my favorites, and putting it all together... but once it is done it makes me so happy to look back at everything and relive those moments from the past year.

Instead of writing a huge post I want to simply extend a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who trusted me with their precious moments from this past year (and beyond). You made my year one for the books. You all have made both my personal and professional life better and I hope the images we created together live on for you to enjoy for years to come.

The images below were chosen because of the connection I have with them. For me, not every image has to be technically perfect. It is more important that it makes you feel something... it may be the composition, color, moment, overall feeling. I hope you enjoy them. 

Here is to a great 2015 and to an even better 2016! Let the adventure begin!

The last image needs a caption... This photo was taken from Jason and my backyard from our first home together as homeowners. I stood outside on December 31st to capture the last light of the year as the sun set over Mt. Bachelor and brought 2015 to a gorgeous end :)

2014 Year-End Review

Year-end review posts are always a daunting task and yet once I get started it is so fun to go back and look at the progression of the past year. This year for the review blog I decided I wanted to post photos that I personally connected with in some way, not just the best of the best.

This post is a compilation of both my personal and professional work from traveling, families, engagements, portraits, and weddings. It has been a wonderful and diverse year and this post reflects that. These images were chosen because of their emotional connection... it may have been something about the composition, lighting, color, or emotion captured, but each of these struck a cord with me in some way.

These selected images represent why I do what I do. Not simply to get that beautiful portrait of someone or capture that classic moment, but to document life. Life is not always perfect, but sometimes that is what makes it so wonderful. When you look through this post I hope you see some beautiful photos, I hope you see some real moments, and I hope you see something that makes you smile in some way.

2014 was a crazy year. It had many ups and downs, took me all over the country and more, and I couldn't have hoped for more. I am so grateful to everyone that helped make 2014 so fantastic!

Now... onto 2015, let's see what you have in order for me...

Road Trip to Vegas!

Last month we took a road trip from Bend, Oregon to Las Vegas. On the way we camped each night in a new place and explored Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, hot springs outside Mammoth Lakes, and Death Valley. We decided to kind of wing it and didn't book any campsites and somehow lucked out and got some fantastic spots. After three days of road tripping, no showers, and sleeping in our tiny two person tent, our hotel in Las Vegas was pretty much a palace. 

I love road tripping and getting to visit new places, little towns off the beaten path, and discovering the gems. Just counting down until the next road trip...