Mighty Tieton, Yakima Washington Wedding

The grand exit, it's what lots of couples think their wedding needs to end with. That movie wedding ending where their guests send them off by throwing rice as they run passed or a long line of arching sparklers... but what if your venue doesn't allow rice or have a brunch wedding or it's the middle of the summer and the sun doesn't go down until 10pm? There are so many other options! I've had couples do bubbles, confetti popper, flower petals, birdseed, or glow sticks! OR you could get really creative like Jenny and David did for their brunch wedding. They had their guests toss paper airplanes! It was so much fun and something really unique and different. So before you automatically go with what you see all over Pinterest, stop and think about if there is something more specific to you guys. You might come up with something super cute that will be the next Pinterest rage :)

Have any great ideas for grand exits? Share them in the comments!


Vendor Spotlight - Basic Invite


There are so many things that go into planning a wedding. Choosing the right invitations was one of the most difficult things for me (I would say we, but let's be honest... Jason did not care what the invites looked like). So I am super excited to share these beautiful invites that I got to photograph for a wonderful company called Basic Invite. Their paper goods are beautiful and so easy to customize! Seriously... like, I am kind of a control freak about these type of things so to be able to pick a design I liked and then be able to adjust the colors, font, placement of elements and more was super awesome. 

This is the perfect company to check out if you are like me and want to have options and be able to pick EXACTLY what you want. They have 40 different envelope colors for you to choose from and nearly endless options for the color of different elements on the cards!

Beyond being beautiful and easy to design Basic Invite has a FREE address collection service. I mean seriously... that would have been so helpful! 

I love working with companies that I can relate to and Basic Invite totally understands the mind of a bride like me. There are a thousand decisions to make in a short amount of time and it's easy to get bogged down by finding thing that you like, but aren't quite right for what you are wanting. They make it simple to create that perfect invite for your wedding day.